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Venison bolognese baby bell peppers

Venison Bolognese stuffed baby sweet bell peppers

Naturally colourful, meaty and bite-sized – the way tapas and pintxos should be eaten. ;-)

Bolognese is a world known recipVenison bolognese baby bell pepperse nowadays and is mostly served with pasta but a venison Bolognese is not that common and more a rare and original twist. When I got the samples from Artemonte I started wondering how I could use this tasty Bolognese in a way that brings out the freshness of Southern Spanish gastronomy. Peppers were the solution. I love peppers!! Roasted, fried, sautéed, … any way.

So let’s start… First of all, buy the freshest baby bell peppers you can find. I bought a selection in different colours which will add a nice touch to the serving presentation. This is the shopping list for about 20 bites:venison_bolognese_baby_bell_peppers-5


Wash the pepper gently under cold water. Cut a small sliver out of each pepper, just wide enough to get your finger in and remove the seeds. Leave the stem on.

Once we have all the peppers stuffed it’s time to place them in the oven on a baking sheet. Bake for about 20-25 minutes and put them on the sauce we left apart before. After decorating with small drops of Ali Oli (link to next week recipe), serve and enjoy!!!Venison bolognese baby bell peppers

While the peppers cool down, get your friend to open a bottle of wine and your other friend to post pictures of you all enjoying your Venison Bolognese stuffed baby sweet peppers and tag us for the chance to win a real culinary journey!