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wild_meats_artemonteEverybody has heard about Chorizo, the typical Spanish cured meat made with pork. Yet, have you ever heard about venison chorizo? Or even wild boar and game chorizo? These delicacies are just some of the enormous variety of cured wild meats that ArteMonte proudly produces.

Founded in 2005, in the town of Aldeaquemada, on the border between Andalusia and Castille-La Mancha, this enterprise puts strong emphasis on combining craft traditions with modern industrial features. It is rated as one of the most recognised producers of wild-game produce in the Iberian Peninsula, with a very strong sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Only the highest-quality ingredients are selected before being processed, and are stuffed into natural casings and hand-tied one by one. ArteMonte produce ranges from the well-known pork chorizo to the less-common venison, game, wild boar or mallard chorizos. Smoked flavours of paprika will reach your hypothalamus giving you an irresistible urge to taste a thin slice. Apart from chorizo, ArteMonte also offers a variety of salamis; again with venison, game, wild boar or mallard.

However, beyond doubt, the star product of Artemonte is the Venison Cecina. Delightful, mouth-watering, delicious: Cecina is a smoked meat without almost any fat and, I have to confess, my favouritewild_meats_artemonte cured meat. Artemonte uses a special recipe. After the venison ham is smoked, it goes through a curing process in thyme that makes it easy to distinguish, adding a very unique touch.

Other of their specialities are “in Orza” products. At this point you must be thinking I love using funny words. Well, that’s true, but not in this case. Orza refers to a traditional way of preserving meats in clay jars. The meats are initially slowly fried and then put into jars, covering them with the olive oil used in the frying. In the time when there weren’t any fridges this was the only way to feed the whole family throughout the whole year. Now with all the technology in our hands this would make no sense, if it wasn’t for the fact that it is still the tastiest way to preserve the meat with all the flavours created in the curation in olive oil.

If you haven’t started to salivate yet, let’s go with some of their other products. They have a selection of ready-to-eat tapas like their venison bolognese, venison meatballs or the acclaimed beans-with-game chorizo. You just have to heat them and they are ready to eat in a couple of minutes!

While the tapas are heating up you can get a handful of crackers and taste their famous variety of pates : mallard duck, partridge, wild boar or venison amongst others.

If you are planning a foodie travel to Spain we wild_meats_artemontegive you some clues in this area in Five things to do in Sierra Mágina and if you want to arrange a visit to their work place just need to tell us.

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