Hello Europe!!!! SpainisDelicious is here.

Hello Europe,

Thank you for taking the time to read our first ever post, and welcome to Spainisdelicious! A project full of enthusiasm and true passion for food in general and especially that one which keeps its soul and essence, rooted in its origins and attention to detail through craft production. In Spainisdelicious we like to understand our food; the story behind it; the origins of a recipe and what makes it so special; what made it to survive the weather of times.

muñana cellarWe travelled in a continuous search for small producers, artisans who put so much love in their products as we do to select and get them to you. Small producers who, because of their size, are able to assure unrivalled artisan production, care and above all, flavour. They are reluctant to open their doors to the mass market, as larger scale production may compromise the quality of the product, and ultimately the experience of you, the customer.

Through Spainisdelicious, we want to convey our strong passion for Spanish cuisine. We will provide information about the products, touching on history, specific characteristics, recipes and even provide you with information should you wish to visit the producers yourselves! We will even arrange guided visits to these producers for you. We want our blog serve as a guide for culinary tourism throughout Spain, travelling with us through our reports, visits to producers, our recipes and, of course, through our monthly selection of gourmet products at Flavours, textures and traditions from Spain, in a box, with all the freshness of the product directly from the producer.

This is our purpose, we want you to enjoy the experience of gastro-travelling and encourage you to comment on our articles and give us feedback about our website.

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