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Sierra Magina Gastroroute

Five things to do in Sierra Magina

1. The caves of Jódar: in the XVI century, hundreds of poor people started to live in the caves near the mountains, because it was the only affordable way to live. People still lived there till the sixties, when everybody was relocated into new neighbourhoods; and yet, even today the memory of the people who lived in those caves remains. They are located in a beautiful set of sandstone mountains, where you can still see the original doors and small windows of the caves. Of course, you can’t easily miss the Castle of Jódar.

misty sierra magina

2. A peculiar touristic route: this area was conquered by the Moors so there are many small towns constructed as fortresses in circular form providing ready-made routes. In Torres you can rest and enjoy the silence, and for the foodies, have a delicious meal made with local products. Then you can continue on to Cambil, a beautiful location, and then drive to Solera with its impossible-hanging houses on gullies. Pedalajar with its Cultural Heritage- terraced gardens and Bedmar, with its magnificent Al-Mazar Fortress are further attractions. Naturally, it is impossible to name all the beautiful towns you can visit, and one of the best choices is to drive where your fancy takes you.

sierra magina gastroroute3. Trekking: “La Caldera del Tio Lobo” is an amazing trek which everyone can attempt, as it takes just four and a half hours to complete the round trip. You can get by car to the Albanchez Peak and start the route there. The route goes along a magnificent deep precipice, with beautiful cliffs and small waterfalls taking you to the end of the route, where you reach the “Tio Lobo Waterfall” and a wonderful landscape with nature pools that you will remember forever.

almazara4. Visit an almazara: it is impossible not to mention the Denomination of Origin “Sierra Magina” olive oil. The whole National Park and the surrounding region is encircled by olive groves that are used to make one of the best extra virgin olive oils in Spain. In Jimena you can visit a public almazara ( the place where the olive oil is made), Oro de Canava. You can see how the olive oil is made and purchase some of this magnificent liquid gold in the shop attached to the almazara.

rincon_la_charca5. Where to eat: in Pedalajar you can stop a little bit longer and try the meals that the restaurant “El Rincón de la Charca” offers. This restaurant has a fine selection of cured meats, game and garden produce. It is located in a very beautiful landscape and decorated in a modern, rustic style. In fact, all the small towns have restaurants and “tabernas” where you can enjoy incredible meals at very affordable prices.

Now you have all the tools to make your foodie holidays unforgettable. Come on, don’t procrastinate!  Start your amazing trip through Sierra Magina now.

Stay in a winery Bodegas Muñana

Stay in a winery: Bodegas Muñana

At the foot of the Sierra Nevada lies Bodegas Muñana; a unique dwelling which takes a holiday with family or friends to a whole new level. Escape from the stresses and strains of the 21st centuary with this gastrotravelling experience, and strip life back down to the basics: Good food, good drink, good shelter and most importantly good company!

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of wine – discover it’s origins and allow your senses to run astray. Breathe in the fresh air, smell the soil from the vineyards, and learn about the production and ageing processes which result in sublime wines.
winery_stays_Munana_sm1You will you enjoy a tasting session with some of the very best wines from this vineyard which is irrigated with water from the melting Sierra Nevada at an altitude of 1200 m, in clay loam soils and bred in caves with French and American oak barrels. A process which works in perfect harmony with nature.

Inside the winery complex there are two fully equipped self-catering one-storey apartments surrounded by the vineyards. Stay here and a tour through the winery and a tasting session is provided absolutely free of charge!
The location of the winery benefits from being within reach of a number of spectacular natural and cultural hotspots. Guadix (where the winery is located) and the surrounding areas, are characterized by a landscape of badlands and plenty of cave houses. Nearby heritage sites include the Puerto de la Ragua, which is popular amongst skiiers, the Calahorra, which has been populated since the paleolithic age, Ancient mines in Alquife which brought prosperity to the area during Roman times, Arab baths in Alhama de Granada which date back to the 1400’s, and the troglodyte town in Purullena, known for its quirky hillside settlements and stunning views, amongst many other visit-worthy locations all within easy reach.

Additionally, the Alhambra and Granada itself are only 45 min away, should you wish to experience City life at any time.

Accomodation details

House “2 Cepas”
House “3 Cepas”
Day rider
(inc. tasting session+guided visit)
£200 £300
Extra day £140 £210
Per week £950 £1400
Specs 2 twins room with 105cm beds 1 double room King size bed and 2 twins with 105cm beds.
  • Spacious and bright living room with a large table where to enjoy a delicious meal cooked in the fireplace accompanied by any of the sublime Muñana wines.
  • The kitchen is integrated into the living room and has all the necessary utensils apart from microwave and dishwasher.
  • Central heating and a big shower completes the equipments.

Bodegas Munana also offer flexible catering services from just 10 to 200 persons for incentives, product presentations and any social event should you wish.

For availability or further information on this or any other aspect just send us an email